True North

I love an expansive view. I love the horizon line of the ocean. I love to sail because it is a chance to combine with the elements and immerse into a view. Directional awareness is key when sailing. True North is something I follow. True North is a reference point, a direction, a goal, a destination, a path. It has also come to describe how I view my personal credo, “Leave them better than you found them.”

You can’t sail in a straight line. You tack. You turn to go forward. You know your destination and then you work with currents and winds to make your way ever toward it. True North for me is to leave every place, person, and moment better. It can be looking someone in the eye and saying thank you, it can be holding a door open, it can be prioritizing listening to a friend, it can be pausing to appreciate the wonder that is always all around us. True North to me is about combining your motivation of “why” with the code of conduct of “how.” It is the most distilled essence of my life’s purpose.