Leave Better

Leave them better than you found them. It is what I am always thinking and striving for. It’s why you are here reading this. It has evolved into something more than a sentiment, something more than a refrain. It is my personal credo. It is my true North no matter where I am. It is how I design my days and assess my successes. My hope is you leave and return to this space better every time.

I am not very comfortable with self promotion. I am an expert level deflector of compliments. I am a very extroverted introvert. But what trumps all my discomfort is making sure you are taken care of. If I am in service of something or someone else, I can do anything.

I have learned to trick myself into all sorts of situations I would normally have shunned out of insecurity by making it about someone/something else. And this space is my most recent deception. For me, it feels uncomfortable and ego driven to create a showcase around my vantage of life. I am unsure and ill equipped at the moment. I am however, motivated by my self designed directive, to leave equal/more beauty in the world than I consume. I want to leave experiences, movies, museums, music, restaurants, conversations, jobs feeling better. I don’t mean happier. I mean more aware, more resolved, more empathetic, more loving. That is what I seek out and that is what I hope to provide.

So thank you for being a part of this journey. I hope you will join the ride.