Technology, Authenticity, And Creativity At Work-Podcast

It was such a wonderful experience talking with Laurie Ruettimann about HR trends and living an authentic life. I am still amazed at the deeper honesty I heard myself articulate when someone took the time to listen and to ask the real questions. Thank you Laurie for creating such a dynamic space and conversation for us all to join. #Letsfixwork LISTEN


This week on Let’s Fix Work, I am excited to introduce you to Rana Stanfill-Hobbs. She wears many hats, including Director of Insights at Ultimate Software (our sponsor), step-mom, musician, and consummate learner. On today’s episode, Rana and I talk about enterprise software and technology, of course.  We also talk about her journey from someone who recognizes patterns to an individual who’s living a full and authentic life at work.